It’s been a crazy year to put it mildly and in just one minute, it has been analyzed from an economic perspective over at the One Minute Economics YouTube channel… click HERE to check out the animation, the title pretty much speaks for itself!

… ain’t that the truth?

Last week, I’ve published a video about cryptocurrency exchanges on the One Minute Economics YouTube channel that I’d like to invite you to check out… it’s only one minute long (surprise, surprise) after all :)

In my opinion, the main thing I believe people need to understand about cryptocurrency exchanges is the fact that banks… well, hate them.

There’s a reason why so many exchanges out there accept stablecoins such as USDT (more on that in another post) but not wire transfers, credit cards and so on. What’s that reason, you might ask? …

… a meme is worth 1,000,000 words, someone said?

While I’m pretty sure nobody actually said a meme is worth 1,000,000 words, I believe it’s true when it comes to the topic of corruption. The following one minute corruption-related video makes it clear what the ACTUAL costs of corruption are in just one minute: let’s just say it ain’t cheap!

Yet, while nobody likes or encourages corruption, few people become so genuinely outraged after witnessing a corruption scandal that they actually do something about it… long-term!

We just get angry for a few minutes, then switch to a Kardashian show or something and move on. The end result, when…

… what do you mean past performance is not indicative of future results?

Up until this point, everyone who HODLed (for those of you who don’t know, HODLing basically means being a die-hard buy and hold investor, an investor willing to #HODL during periods of massive price turbulence) bitcoin and cryptocurrencies did very well… remarkably well, even!

However, today’s One Minute Economics animation about HODLing bitcoin and crypto tries to make it clear that there are many misconceptions in the world of crypto at this point.

HODLing is one, thinking Dollar Cost Averaging is the best thing ever (hint: it isn’t) is another and the list could go on and on.

In a…

… it’s not hard to understand why most of them are :(

I’ll go right ahead and start this post with a “pitch” by inviting you to check out the following video about the economics of the self-help industry that has been published earlier today over at the One Minute Economics YouTube channel.

While it would be unfair to state that all self-help gurus have questionable motives, it’s pretty much impossible to analyze the economics behind the self-help space and not understand that there are tons of incentives for “gurus” who are anything but successful themselves to become successful by teaching others about success :)

The result?

A typical “blind leading the…


One of the main misconceptions I have to combat as an economist is the idea that as of a certain point, you’re too old to care about personal finance.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

As the following One Minute Economics animation illustrates, you’re never too old to worry/care about personal finance. Yes, things like your risk tolerance change but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

As long as you put in a little bit of work to adapt your personal finance strategy to your current needs, worries and expectations, you should be in very good shape. In one minute, the video I’ve just liked to will help you do just that :)

Sounds familiar?

Personal finance for young adults… a one minute animation brought to you by the One Minute Economics YouTube channel. If you found the video useful, please help spread the word: a FB share here, some Medium love there. a Tweet as well perhaps, it all adds up!

Unfortunately, personal finance is one of the last topics most young adults think about and it’s a shame because the decisions you make when you’re young frequently end up dictating the financial path you’ll be on. …

… that is the question

… and the answer is a resounding YES, followed by a just a resounding BUT!

In other words: YES, giving to charities is downright awesome and we should be doing more of that BUT we need to be smart about it.

Last week, the economics behind charities have been explained in one minute at the One Minute Economics (who would have guessed, heh) YouTube channel and I’d highly recommend watching the video in question before deciding whether or not the charity that’s currently on your mind is worth it.

Of course, this shouldn’t be turned into a “paralysis by analysis”…

Invest all my savings in DentaCoin? Sure, why not?!?

DentaCoin, for example, is a cryptocurrency for DENTISTS… arguably the worst idea in the history of finance, yet people still invested in it. Why? Well, while some were simply ignorant/clueless, others knew this altcoin is utterly useless but bought in regardless.

They did it because they believe in the so-called greater fool theory (this is a one minute animation about it) or, to put it differently, they knew they were being fools when investing but were sure they’d eventually be able to sell to greater fools for more!

Does something like this work?

Let’s just say it works until it…

… that is the question!

Leaving the Game of Thrones meme (I had to, I just had to!) aside, this is perhaps one of the trickiest questions in the world of politics. Some swear by lobbying, stating that it’s at least something that kinda-sorta enables us to move toward transparency, whereas others claim it’s simply corruption under another name.

The most recent One Minute Economics YouTube animation covers the economics behind lobbying and explains the concept in a (hopefully) unbiased manner.

At the end of the day, the meme I’ve just shared makes perfect sense: political power is not going anywhere, so how do you…

Andrei Polgar

I teach people economics via books like The Age of Anomaly (Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestseller) and YouTube animations (

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